City to work with local cricket association on facilities

“Now (that) cricket is there, this is an attraction. A lot of people have moved in here and they love playing cricket.”

“I still feel there are a lot more growth opportunities here. We can still do (a) much better job.”

Parmar adds cricket was Canada’s first national sport.

“People from Commonwealth countries, they love playing cricket and cricket (is) the second-most popular sport after soccer in the world.”

“Billions of people follow (cricket). They love to play cricket. If there (is) infrastructure, if there’s a place to play, people will join.”

The association currently plays its games in Northridge Park area in the Royal Oaks neighborhood.

Parmar says they host tournaments with teams from Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Fort McMurray, and Calgary.

He adds that they also have winter cricket at the Leisure Center.

“So that’s something that is a question mark this winter because we heard that the city is going to tear it down.”

“The Leisure Center (is) where (we played) for nine years so we’ll have to look for a new facility if there are any.”

Parmar says any indoor facility would have to have netting as the ball can damage the building.

The plans for the $35,000 were to have a fence between the field and a playground and to install some bleachers at the Northridge Park location.

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