Circuit Florida Promises Luxury Condos With Your Very Own Private Club Racetrack

A 1.7-mile road course circuit is the main feature of this 52-acre community


by Stephen Rivers

2 hours ago

  Circuit Florida Promises Luxury Condos With Your Very Own Private Club Racetrack

by Stephen Rivers

Before the end of the year, the team at Circuit Florida, the newest membership-based luxury motorsports club & resort in the state that’s located between the metropolitan cities of Tampa and Orlando, expects to open its all-new 1.7-mile race track to members. It’s the first private club raceway with residential condos in the state. Of course, to get in you’ll have to start by paying the $80,000 membership fee.

Circuit Florida says that “depending on the eventual length of membership, the one-time membership fee may be fully or near fully returned.” At the same time, there’s an ongoing $750 membership fee each month. Still, for those with the cash to splash, the finished site sounds like it has a lot to offer.

The residential portion of the community features five different floor plan sizes and seven unique floor plans in total to choose from. A fully-furnished move-in ready condo with the smallest floor plan, named Monza, starts at $444,990. What really matters though is that all members get access to the race track throughout the year.

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It combines 40 feet of elevation change along with a 1,800 ft (548m) straightaway and 14 turns in total. Designed by Bob Barnard, the course will feature electronic flagging, long runoff areas, a complete pit and paddock area, and multiple track configurations.

It’s worth noting that Circuit Florida has no plans to host professional racing events. Instead, it’ll put on member-only racing and social events occasionally. We wouldn’t be shocked to see some pro racing or development teams rent out a little track time for their own purposes though.

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In fact, 22 of the 75 onsite condos are permitted for short-term rentals. The team behind Circuit Florida says that on certain days of the year, those sites could be rented by non-members who wish to experience the track.

“We think this program has great potential, and if it generates the anticipated interest, we’ll keep our member count lower than otherwise to adjust for the use of the circuit by those renting condos during those certain times. Our current member target is 200 driving members, which is far below most clubs that have 350+ driving members,” says Paul Scarpello, founder and developer.

Many lots cost well in excess of six figures and construction is well underway. Circuit Florida is aiming to open the track to members during the fourth quarter of this year.

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