CBR Presents Monthly Fan Q&As with Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse, Skybound, and Vault

What questions do you Want to ask creators and publishers about your favorite comic books? Now is your chance to have your questions answered!

CBR is incredibly proud to present monthly fan Q&As with six fan-favorite publishers: Marvel, DC, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Skybound Entertainment, and Vault! We’re teaming up with these acclaimed publishers to give readers the opportunity to ask questions about comics, creators, characters, and so much more each and every month. Already feeling eager to send some questions? Read on to find out how.

Up first: The House of Ideas! You now have the chance to ask Marvel a question, so what’ll it be? Will it be about a character or team you love? One of your favorite creators? A book that’s on the horizon? Or perhaps, you have a more general question about the publisher’s approach to the Marvel Universe? Send your questions to [email protected]and they may get featured in the first edition of Ask Marvel Monthly! If your question isn’t selected, there’s no need to worry! You can send questions every month. They may be used in future editions of the segment. Send those questions, True Believers!

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s… Mark Waid?! Every month, DC will give fans the opportunity to send questions to the creatives behind some of the publisher’s biggest new releases. For the first edition of the World’s Finest Fan Q&Ait’s Batman Vs. Robin #1 writer Mark Waid! Now that the action-packed first issue has been released, what do you do you want to ask Mark? Send your questions to [email protected].

It’s a big year for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and CBR is thrilled to give fans a whole new level of access to the creatives behind the comics from IDW Publishing! Well, what are you waiting for, shell-heads? Grab a slice, and send yours TMNT questions to [email protected]. Future editions of this segment may see surprise appearances from outside of the comics, too…

Hell boy. Black Hammer. Minor Threats. Grendel. Star Wars. Usagi Yojimbo. Dark Horse builds characters, and it builds some mighty good comics, too. The publisher is known for its vast library of licensed and creator-owned comics, and now they’re accepting your questions! So, what do you do? you want to know? Send your questions to [email protected].

With a focus on supporting passionate creators and building franchises, CBR is proud to have Skybound Entertainment in this Q&A series. From hits like The Walking Dead and Invincible to Creep show and the upcoming Dark Ridethe publisher has a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon… and you have the opportunity to ask them all about it! Wondering about Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee’s Fire Power? Or perhaps you’re a fan of the Skybound Comet imprint? Send your questions to [email protected].

Love science fiction, fantasy, or horror? Vault’s comics need to be on your pull list. Whether it’s a twisted take on sword and sorcery Barbarian or the now fully funded Wasted Space deluxe omnibus, Vault is home to some of the most exciting comics in the industry. Now, you’ve got the chance to ask the prestigious publisher about its comics and plans for the future! Reach out to [email protected].

When emailing questions, please always include at least your first name so we can give you credit if your question is featured in one of the articles. Stay tuned to CBR every month for Q&A articles featuring Marvel, DC, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Skybound Entertainment, and Vault Comics. Have fun sending questions!

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