Boxing: Boxing champs don’t believe in Canelo: I don’t think he beats Bivol in the rematch

Canelo Alvarez regained his honor as champion after defeating Gennady Golovkin in the trilogy, however, many still choose to remind him of his defeat against Dmitry Bivol. There have been several boxers who have doubted the Mexican and the latest one to voice his opinion has been former WBC and IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter.

Porter has stopped believing in Canelo‘s chances, as the latter looks forward to an almost certain rematch in 2023 against Bivolbecause of what he showed against Golovkin.

Different levels

“I expected Canelo to dominate triple g. I just think triple g and Canelo are on two different levels, and Canelo didn’t show that,” Porter told IFL TV.

“The fact that he didn’t show that against triple g in this trilogy fight leads me to believe he may not be as prepared as I thought he would be in a rematch with Bivol.”

Porter has many doubts about Canelo, particularly that he has seen no improvement in the Mexican. This leads him to think he won’t be as ready as some think when the time comes to face Bivol again.

Canelo wasn’t as prepared as he should have been against Bivol. He didn’t have multiple game plans,” said Porter.

“He didn’t make any adjustments. He didn’t make one adjustment against Bivol, and I knew that coming back against triple gwe were going to see a very dominant Canelo that we’d seen in the past and come right at triple g like he did. We didn’t see anything different about Canelo.

“One thing we did see differently was his gas tank. This guy was not conditioned for 12 rounds. You have to be conditioned to go 12 hard rounds, no matter who you’re in the ring with. I think if Canelo had been in better condition, that fight would not have gone the distance.”

Canelo Alvarez out of options against Bivol

The Mexican is recovering from his surgery, that’s why he decided not to take on any other fights in the remainder of 2022, and will not make his return until May next year.

That said, it will surely not be against Dmitry Bivol, but against a lesser opponent. That most anticipated of rematches, which could be one of the fights of the year, would be in September 2023.

If he had to bet, Shawn Porter is clear on who he would bet on in that fight. The American sees only one winner.

“Based on this fight with triple gI don’t think he beats Bivol in the rematch,” said Porter.

“Before this fight, I thought Canelo would come back in the ring and be a better version of himself and have more variety in the rematch with Bivoland I thought he’d beat Bivol in the rematch.”

The Mexican is well used to these tests in the boxing world. He will no doubt go away and work hard, ready to come back and fight, with his legacy on the line.


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