Bowling and mini golf rate high as first-date activity choices

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First dates can be nerve-wracking at the best of times.

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So dating expert Valon Asani from dating app has come up with the eight most popular first date ideas to calm your nerves.

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Asani analyzed Google searches worldwide for some of the most popular activities paired with the keywords “near me” to discover the grateful date-filled eight ways to spend time with someone you don’t know.


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They are:

1. Bowling, with 1,640,000 average monthly searches. Shoes included of course.

2. Mini golf, with 488,000 average monthly searches. Always a crowd-pleaser.

3. Escape room, with 483,000 average monthly searches. Sorry, but who wants to be trapped in a room with someone you don’t know?

4. Aquarium, with 382,000 average monthly searches. Certainly tranquil if nothing else.

5. Arcade, with 364,000 average monthly searches. Maybe for teens?

6. Zoo, with 359,000 average monthly searches. Are we observing the animals or are they observing us?

7. Museum, with 353,000 average monthly searches. A budding romance between art lovers?

8. Karaoke, with 291,000 average monthly searches. Choose your song wisely and make sure you can hit the high notes.

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