Bigg’s killer whales swim around Sinclair Inlet looking for seals

Bigg’s killer whales made their appearance along Kitsap shorelines and in Sinclair Inlet, with a group of seven whales swimming around, searching for food during seal pup season.

Erin Gless, executive director of the Pacific Whale Watch Association, said the group in Sinclair Inlet are the T65As. They can sometimes get into trouble pushing around boats, she said.

“These two families, the T65A’s and T77’s, have been traveling together for the better part of the last two months picking off harbor seals during the pupping season. The T65A’s especially have a reputation for being very ‘urban’ whales,” she said.

This group has been seen for the past few weeks down south near Olympia but started making their way north in the Puget Sound on Thursday.

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