Best Character Builds For Frigg

Frigg must have at least one Ice SSR unit in her team comp build to activate her offensive and defensive Element Resonance buffs in Tower of Fantasy.

Frigg is a DPS-focused, Ice-build SSR unit in Tower of Fantasy who wields a Sword Weapon known as Balmung. This character boasts a top spot in the community ranking for both appearance and gameplay capabilities. While pulling Frigg her aesthetics alone will undoubtedly be worthwhile for some, those looking to enhance their gameplay with Ice teams should surely consider spending their hard-earned in-game or real-world currency on getting this SSR character in Tower of Fantasy.


Starting with the best Matrices for Frigg’s build in Tower of Fantasy, players are recommended to use the Frigg Matrix Set, which, according to the in-game description, offers bonus Frost ATK when using Frozen Domain, Balmung’s Elemental Skill. However, this buff can only occur when four pieces of the set have been equipped, making this Matrix Set option quite expensive, even for paying players. Alternatively, the 2-piece Huma Matrix Set is a much cheaper and more viable option for those who cannot get Frigg’s signature set. At two pieces, Huma Matrices will further enhance Frigg’s dodge skills, inflicting enemies with heavy Bleed that stacks on top of Frost damage.

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According to YouTube content creator Hydrosam and other members of the Tower of Fantasy community, the best team comp for Frigg’s character build consists of Meryl and Tsubasa. These two SSR characters are crucial for activating Frigg’s Elemental Resonance, which increases her Frost ATK and Resistance when two or more Ice-type weapons are equipped.

Best Frigg Team Comps In Tower of Fantasy

With the team comp described above, Frigg deals the main portion of damage as the main DPS in the Tower of Fantasy team build, and Tsubasa will be the Sub-DPS unit that additionally offers both Weapon Recharge and ranged projectiles. Meryl will provide the Shieldbreaking strikes required to dispel the pesky protection that elite enemies often deploy mid-combat. states that players can get the most out of Frigg’s build if Meryl reaches 1 Star and Tsubasa attains 3. Naturally, this does mean more resources spent attempting to pull these two units consecutively, but the payout in damage output will be worth it .

On the other hand, those who are planning to use Frigg in PvP in Tower of Fantasy can switch Tsubasa with Nemesis, trading bonus damage for healing sustain. However, Meryl still should be present in this team comp for a balanced unit that can tank and break through opponent’s defenses while also triggering Frigg’s Elemental Resonance in Tower of Fantasy.

Source: Hydrosam |

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