Bare Butt Boxing Highlights The Physics In New Gameplay Trailer


Tuatara Games has released a new gameplay trailer for Bare Butt Boxing as we get a better look at those wacky physics you’ll encounter. In case you didn’t have a chance to see the kind of jiggling you would be exposed to in the game, this trailer gives you more than you can handle as they show off the way the gameplay will go. As well as a look at a never-before-seen map, new original music, a reveal of the rules and functions of the game, the visuals, and more. Enjoy the trailer below as the game will be coming to Early Access on PC and consoles sometime in Q1 2023.

Credit: Tuatara Games

“Take control of mischievous aliens mesmerized by the sport of boxing as they battle it out all over our beloved planet Earth, unaware of the laws and traditions of human society. Enjoy the chaos and whimsy of simulated characters and environments in this action arena brawler that will keep you hooked with surprising combat twists and gameplay variety. Board the spaceship, we’re off to the next scrimmage in Bare Butt Boxing!”

“Entranced by the sport of boxing, mischievous alien youngsters descend upon Earth to mimic their favorite fighters. Prepare for clothing-free, trap-ridden matches in the farthest corners of the planet. Romp around in 6-player free-for-all brawls across colorful locations around the globe and even in space. No referees involved! Launch opponents through goals in local and online multiplayer to score the most points and emerge victorious. Dash for game-changing power-ups like electric fists and explosive sticky bombs. Stay alert and avoid traps, pitfalls, and other surprising hazards that can spell instant disaster. Deck out champions with cool customizations unlocked solely through playing and climb atop the leaderboards, leaving no ifs, ands, or butts on who’s the champ.”

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