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Good Tuesday, Birdland. There weren’t any blockbuster trades or marquee free agent signings on Monday – perhaps MLB front offices are as distracted by the FIFA World Cup as I have been. Don’t worry though, we still have a bunch of stuff to cover for you.

Orioles News 11/22/22 – submit your mailbag Q’s, trade ideas, and other MLB news

Birds Watcher’s Mailbag is open

Do you have any Orioles-related questions you want me to answer? Is there any specific Orioles news that you’d like to discuss? Ask away! Be sure to post on Twitter or comment on our Facebook post with the hashtag #AskBirdsWatcher, and your question might just pop up in a mailbag piece that is coming out later this week. I would love to hear from you!

Send us your Orioles trade ideas!

Do you have any hypothetical trades you’d like to discuss? Do you think you have just the package the Angels would want for Shohei Ohtani? We want to hear about those as well! Be sure to submit your proposals on Twitter while tagging @BirdsWatcherFS. There’s nothing like some good old fashioned trade speculation.

2023 HOF ballot unveiled

On Monday, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced the players who comprise the 2023 ballot that BBWAA members will have to vote on. Headliners include Scott Rolen, Todd Helton, and Billy Wagner, all of whom received greater than 50% of the vote last year. The list of newcomers is a nostalgia trip for baseball fans in their 30’s: how are Jhonny Peralta, Carlos Beltran, and Francisco Rodríguez already eligible for the ballot? I always used to have Peralta on my MVP Baseball 2005 owner mode teams. Sheesh, I’m old.

Orioles fans will certainly appreciate the inclusion of JJ Hardy, the Gold Glove shortstop who was a mainstay during the club’s 2012-16 run that saw three playoff appearances and one division championship. Hardy won’t make the hall, but it’s nice to see him recognized for such a fine career.

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