An 11-year-old Ukrainian tennis player fled war for the Bay Area. These tennis stars have rallied to help her keep training

An 11-year-old competitive tennis player from Ukraine fled the war-ravaged country and landed in the Bay Area, where the tennis community is rallying to make sure she can continue her training.

Ira Shostakovich, a relative of the famous composer Dmitri Shostakovich, according to her family, arrived in the Bay Area on Saturday, with her mother and 18-year-old brother, George to stay with extended family in Novato.

Ira, who has been playing tennis since she was 5, had been training and competing with a private tennis academy in their hometown of Dnipro, a city of nearly 1 million people in central Ukraine.

Ira told The Chronicle, in a telephone interview Tuesday that was translated by her brother, that she had been training for hours, almost daily, and competing in tournaments. She said she was eager to resume the pursuit of her dream di lei – becoming a professional tennis player.

“I miss it,” she said. “It’s my favorite thing to do. I miss it a lot. “

The family went on a hike on Monday, George said, and they spotted some tennis courts. The family made plans to find out how she can use them or others, he said.

But they’ve got help in getting Ira back on the court. Lee Edwards, a friend of her father di lei, Vladimir, tweeted a request on Monday asking if anyone could help Ira continue her tennis training. Edwards, who works for a venture capital firm has more than 11,000 Twitter followers.

In just a few hours, dozens of suggestions and offers poured in – including from some big names in tennis, Edwards said.

“I definitely didn’t expect to have tennis pros (direct-messaging) and calling me,” he said. “I’m not a tennis fan, so I had to Google the names. They are top, top names, ”including Andy Roddick and associates of Rajiv Ram.

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