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Released recently, Rebound CG has brought their newest sports manager game to players with Tennis Manager 2022. So, step into the role of a tennis manager, build your academy up and help your players make their way to the top of the sport. We got a chance to check out the Rebound CG release. So, how was it? Find out in our review of Tennis Manage 2022.

Story: No story to find in Tennis Manager 2022

In Tennis manager 2022, the player will create their character and jump into tennis management. Starting your academy or taking over a pre-existing one, you be tasked to build and assist your players in helping get them to the top. In our review of Tennis Manager 2022, we decided to develop our tennis academy from the ground up, starting with just one player and a small staff.

If you’re looking for a kind of sports game with a story, this is not your game. Tennis Manager 2022 is a simulator, and you’ll spend a majority of the game looking at text screens with stats. So, if that isn’t something that interests you, maybe skip this title.

Gameplay: Build your academy and help your players take victory

Calling what Tennis Manager 2022 has, “gameplay” will depend entirely upon you. In the Rebound CG game, players will find themselves looking at player stats, schedules, and recruitment pages. Starting with the one player that we had, we first had to decide on the staff that we would work with. Between the four categories, you want to decide on coaches, physical trainers, mental trainers, and physicians that will all help the player get through the season.

You’ll want to register your players for the various competitions that will take place over the season. All are divided by age, stats, and rank in the sport. Your players will also be able to receive contracts with stat-boosting items that will help your players during matches. You’ll want to pick the perfect items and the perfect staff to get your player into the perfect shape to take the victory.

Players can recruit new talent for all the various areas of your academy with new players and staff. But, of course, to do this, you’re going to want upgrades for your academy, which will add boosts and improvements. The player must think about most of these various factors to build their academies. Luckily, once the player has recruited all the necessary staff, much of the responsibilities can be automated to make things easier.

Fair warning, though, if you’re looking for a game to play within the sports genre. Tennis Manager 2022 isn’t that. The Rebound CG game is strictly a simulator. The player is given plenty of chances to watch tennis matches play out as their stable of tennis players compete through the season. Unfortunately, the only thing you’ll be able to do during the match is to alter the intensity and strategy and chat with the player offering encouragement or motivation.

Graphics / Audio: A simple display but does what it sets out to do

Tennis Manager 2022 is a pretty basic-looking game by the developers at Rebound CG. You won’t find anything that will win awards or change the way games are made. Instead, you will find a game built with its basic intention in mind, making the UI smooth and easy to understand. You’re not going to have many different windows thrown at you or be flooded with a lot of tutorial boxes.

Of course, there is tennis, so once you get to watch a match. You’ll be treated to something just simple and easy to understand at the UI. The court and audience aren’t going to blow you away or anything but do the job regardless. Making changes during the match is easy to figure out and quick to complete. Tennis Manager is a simple but clean experience that does exactly what it set out to do with no bugs or glitches during play.

The audio, on the other hand, wasn’t an enjoyable experience. After about fifteen or twenty minutes of play, the background music was muted and stayed that way after becoming too repetitive.

Rebound CG game

Conclusion: Not a tennis game for everyone

If you’re looking for a solid simulator that will offer a fair amount of depth and replayability, the Rebound CG game Tennis manager 2022 will certainly provide that. But, unfortunately, this title will probably only appeal to those looking for that sort of thing. For everyone else, Tennis Manager 2022 may be something you want to skip in search of another sports title.

After reading our review of the Rebound CG game Tennis Manager 2022, you can find it on Steam for $ 39.99 or on the Tennis Manager 2022 product page. Additionally, if you are interested in the developer Rebound CG, you can check out their development page about any of their other titles.

Become a tennis manager. Manage your tennis academy and train the next tennis super stars. Even more realistic, with new players and updated potentials. Take the reins in 2022.

Simple and smooth UI Easy to understand gameplay In-depth management system
Repetitive background music Gameplay can become stale

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