Immigration to the Canadian province of Quebec 2023

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How to apply and calculate immigration points to the Canadian province of Quebec
Immigration to Canadian Quebec is a dream of many, especially because it is one of the Canadian cities that provides facilities for those who want to immigrate to it.

The Quebec immigration method differs from immigration to Canada itself, despite being part of it, where priority is given to those who start applying, and not to those who get the highest points, as is known in the immigration system to Canada.
Quebec is the largest province in Canada by area. The area of ​​Quebec is about 484 km 2 and it hosts about 8 million people residing within it. As for the groups that live in it, they are the Francophones, and this is what made the French language the official language in the province.

In this report, we will learn about the method and procedures for travel and immigration to the province of Quebec in Canada, and what are the proper steps to obtain a Canada visa to immigrate there. But first, we will get to know briefly the province of Quebec and some information about it.

Conditions for immigration to Quebec Canada
One of the most important conditions for immigration to the province of Quebec in Canada is
Fluency in both French, the native language of the province, and English.

The necessity to obtain a selection document from the province of Quebec, which is called the Certificat de sélection du Québec.
Obtaining a score of 688 in the event that the immigration applicant is married, and 590 degrees when the applicant for immigration is single.

The applicant for immigration to Quebec must prove that he has at least 30,000 Canadian dollars, and the amount doubles with the presence of the wife or children in the immigration application.
Submit an immigration application to the province of Quebec in Canada
The method of applying to Quebec immigration is done through one of the offices of immigration lawyers or consultants who have experience in collecting the necessary papers for immigration and the required data, as these offices send your file to the authorities concerned with immigration to Quebec. You can also apply through the immigration website via this Link

Quebec immigration application fee
As for the expenses incurred by Quebec immigration, the application costs 3900 Canadian dollars, the wife costs 150 dollars, and each child costs 150 Canadian dollars, but in the event that the immigration application is rejected, the applicant for immigration does not recover these amounts.

Calculating immigration points to Quebec for education
The academic qualification helps to obtain grades of a certain value according to the degree of the university degree that the applicant for Quebec immigration has, which varies as follows:

In the event that the educational qualification is a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree, the applicant will get 11 points.

In the case of obtaining a diploma, the applicant’s share will be two points from the grades.

As for the master’s and doctoral degrees, the holder gets 13 points.

In the case of studying in Quebec itself and obtaining an equivalency for your certificate from there, you will get 6 degrees.

If the specialty of the applicant to immigrate to Quebec is one of the required jobs in Quebec, your share will be from 0 to 12 degrees.

Calculation of age points for immigration to the province of Quebec
As for age, the calculation of Quebec City immigration points varies according to the age group as follows:

If the age of the applicant is from 18 to 35 years, the applicant will have 16 points.

If the age is 36, the point value is 14 points.

If the age is 37 years old, you get 12 points.

If the age is 38 years, he gets 10 points.

If the age is 39 years, the applicant will get 8 points.

In the event that the age is 40, 41 or 42, the points will be 6, 4 and 2, respectively.
Calculate your family’s immigration points to Quebec City

As for relatives and wives, there are specific conditions that will give you additional immigration points to a province, as follows:

The qualification of the wife also helps in obtaining additional points

The wife’s secondary school qualification or a two-year institute gives the applicant two points.

In the case of a master’s degree or a university qualification, the applicant gets 3 points.

Diploma from Quebec gives 1 point.

The wife’s language also plays a role in the points. If she knows the French language, she will get points from 1 to 6, according to the degree of her proficiency in the language.

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