Reasons for immigration..and its most prominent advantages and disadvantages

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There are many reasons for immigration, learn about the most prominent of them and the pros and cons of immigration, as well as the negatives of illegal immigration.

In light of the life conditions in some countries, many people resort to emigration outside the country, and emigration abroad has many pros and cons that affect the person and society in general, so let us learn below about the most prominent causes, motives, negatives and positives of emigration, as well as the negatives of illegal immigration In which some get involved and suffer its devastating effects later.

Reasons for immigration
A person resorts to emigrating outside his country in order to search for a suitable job.
Migration occurs as a result of the country’s exposure to economic crises and unemployment.
The occurrence of wars and disasters such as earthquakes, famines and conflicts in the country cause migration, whether legal or illegal.
Lack of appreciation for competencies, and that is why people are looking for other countries that value their different skills and competencies.
Decreased job opportunities and lower wages for workers cause resort to emigration.
High population density, which causes unemployment and low economic level.
Types of migration
Foreign migration is the migration of people outside the country and to go to other countries.
Internal migration includes moving from rural to urban areas in search of work.
Reasons for migration..and its most prominent advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of immigration
Migration helps the transition to a better life in terms of living, economic and scientific aspects, and in it people learn a new language and new different skills.
Exchanging cultures between countries, getting to know new customs and traditions, and getting to know different friends.
Increasing foreign exchange in the expelling countries, which helps to reduce unemployment and poverty, and this is through the transfers that the immigrant person sends to his relatives, and society becomes more sophisticated.
Immigration helps to obtain citizenship from other countries, which provides incentives to the immigrant and better health, education and social services.
Immigration helps to develop poor societies and improve the cultural and social level.
Disadvantages of immigration:
One of the most important negative aspects of immigration is the feeling of alienation and distance from the original home.
The impact on the families of immigrants and their dispersal.
Infection with mental disorders and social disorders.
Countries lose much needed labor as a result of immigration.
Loss of identity if the country to which the person immigrated is different from the customs and traditions in which he was raised.
Disadvantages of illegal immigration
Illegal immigration leads to many people being injured or dead, especially drowning.
Losing a lot of money that is wasted when it is paid in an attempt to illegal immigration.
Many people are exposed to fraud when illegal immigration.
Immigrants may be arrested and deported

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