16 Pictures from Glasgow’s forgotten clubs of the 2000’s – including the Arches, Stavka, the Beat Club, and more

Every year – we stray a little bit further from the turn of the millennium – and it’s easy to forget just how mental millennials could get. Relive your misspent youth with GlasgowWorld, as we take a look at some of the wildest pictures from the hottest Glaswegian club night of the 2000s, Pin Up Nights.

All pictures were provided by John McGonagle, the founder of one of Glasgow’s most popular club nights (Pin Up Nights) from 2003 to 2012, to celebrate the release of his new book; ‘Retired Teenagers: The story of a Glasgow club night’. A tell-all biographical book featuring hilarious, and at times chaotic, stories from the behind-the-scenes of running one of the hottest club nights in Glasgow in the 2000’s.

Over its nine year lifespan Pin Up Nights served generations of clubbers across the city. If you were active in Glasgow’s club scene in the noughties you’ll be hard pressed not to know someone from the good old days that was a regular at the club night – if you weren’t one yourself. The club jumped from venue to venue over the years – from Blackfriars (still kicking!), to Fury Murrays – then to the Woodside Social Club, and The Beat Club & Stavka (all sadly no longer with us) – it ended on a high note in 2012 in the Flying Duck. Pin Up Nights even hosted a few club nights in the infamous Arches.

It’s fair to say that Pin Up Nights was an institution in its day – featuring guest DJs and live bands from some of the best and brightest of the noughties, it attracted crowds in their thousands to get involved with Glasgow’s club scene. Sadly, many of the clubs they hosted in are no longer with us, like the Woodside Social Club – a venue infamous for its lack of air conditioning or ice – that got turned into student flats.

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